Nicolas sprang Spring Cross

I årets upplaga av Spring Cross sprang Nicolas Pirot 12 km och slutade på 9:e plats av drygt 500. Så här skriver han själv om loppet:

Had I known this race would be as muddy as it was I would not have run with my newish Adidas shoes that I had worn only a few times. In fact this race was very much like "Tjur Ruset" with regards to the mud and the hills, not the race at all for a fast time.
I finished 9th overall which considering the little training I have done I am not too displeased about. I met Per Eriksson who ran the 12km as well, he used to run for Akele and did the Tuesday trainings in Linköping, he now lives and works in Stockholm.

My only dissapointment (apart from my shoes) is that I felt at the end I had more to give ...
Fun race though!

1 Fredrik Johansson IFK Lidingö SOK 42:38
2 Niclas Sjögren Enhörna IF 43:39
3 Jonas Larm Hässelby SK 44:15
9 Nicolas Pirot IK Akele 48:05

Fullständiga resultat här.


Film från loppet där Nicolas tydligt syns i starten: