About IK Akele

About IK Akele
IK Akele is an athletic club with a focus on middle and long distance running. The club was founded in 1982 by a group of enthusiastic runners who wanted to train and compete together. The club is based in Linköping and Mjölby.

Everyone is welcome to IK Akele, whether you’re an experienced runner or just starting out. It doesn’t matter if you are aiming to become one of the best, or simply want company on your runs. IK Akele is for anyone who enjoys running and want to join a club with like minded people!

Being a member of the club means you’ll get to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Participating in the workouts in Linköping and Mjölby
  • Competing for IK Akele
  • Starting fees subsidized by the club
  • The club’s magazine “Löpsedeln”
  • Buying running attire in Akele’s colours for a lower price
  • Participating in our training camps
  • Being a part of a community that share a joy for running

Since the club relies on volunteers to operate, being a member also comes with a few obligations. The most important one is to volunteer and work during the various events that Akele arranges throughout the year- the main one being Blodomloppet in May.

Each week Akele arranges several workouts both in Linköping and Mjölby. In Linköping they take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays and in Mjölby it’s on Tuesdays. For further information about the workouts, check out the schedule for each city to read about each particular workout. In Linköping there are also workouts for children aged 6-12 and for teenagers 8-18 years old.

If you’ve not yet joined Akele but are interested in trying a workout, look at the schedule and show up to a suitable workout! You can try a couple of times before you decide to join the club. Make sure to speak to the coach and get more information.

For further information in English, please contact medlem@akele.se